Welcome to Cheerful Cheeks - London's Diaper Service.

With Cheerful Cheeks, diapering your baby is easier than ever. We bring clean, fitted diapers to your door every week. There are no pins, no folding, and best of all, no laundry!
Why choose Cheerful Cheeks?
  • Our diapers have snaps – no pins!
  • Fitted diapers with elastic legs and waist – no folding!
  • Soakers and wipes made of super soft fleece and cotton.
  • Low flat rate for all the diapers you need
  • Free weekly pick up and delivery
  • Environmentally friendly washing process

We at Cheerful Cheeks believe in supporting our community. All of our diaper service products are made in Canada, and many are made locally by work-at-home-moms and grandmas. Contact us today by telephone at 519-913-2626 or by email.


Call us at 519-913-2626, email or visit our Facebook Page

Cheerful Cheeks is a flat rate diaper service. This means that no matter how many diapers your little one uses in a week, the cost remains the same. We can help you figure out how many diapers your child needs.

For only 19.95* you get:

  • Unlimited fitted Diapers
  • Soakers for night time/naps
  • Cloth Pail Liner

Additional Services

Cloth Wipes available upon request*
A Super Capacity Carbon Loaded Diaper Pail may be purchased for $39.99.*
We do not supply diaper covers as part of the service.

How it Works

Using Cheerful Cheeks to diaper your baby is easy and simple.

  • Clean, fresh diapers are delivered to your door in a water resistant cloth bag.
  • Line the diaper pail with the bag.
  • Toss soiled diapers into the bag, no need for shaking, soaking or rinsing!
  • On your delivery day put the bag of soiled diapers outside your door and we exchange it for a bag of clean, fresh diapers.

There are many ways to get discounts on top of our already low price!

Prepayment Options
You can choose to prepay for our service. Prepay for periods of 6 months or more and receive 10% off the total price before taxes.

Refer A Friend
Get a week free for every friend you refer that stays with Cheerful Cheeks for a minimum of four weeks.

More than one child in diapers? With Cheerful Cheeks, we offer a 25% discount (before tax) for each additional child (twins, triplets, siblings).

Cheerful Cheeks Perks!
Cheerful Cheeks Diaper Service clients save 10% on of all the products sold on our site. They can also choose to have their orders delivered to their homes with their diapers at no extra charge.